The department of Neurology was started on May 24th. 2000 with a single neurologist and 30 beds including a 6 bedded dedicated Neuro ICU This soon evolved to its present strength of 5 neurologists and bed strength of 75. A dedicated Neuro ICU of 10 beds and Step down ICU of 6 beds. The support team consists of 6 junior doctors, 3 CRRI’s, 20 ward, staff & 15 ICU staff.

The department functions as 3 units.

  • Unit 1
    • Dr.P.C. Gilvaz. MD; DM. (Neuro) Professor & HOD
    • Dr.V.T.Haridas. DNB (Med) DM (Neuro) Assistant professor
    • Dr.B.Raghunath.MD; DM (Neuro) Assistant professor
  • Unit 2
    • Dr.Fiju Chacko.MD; DNB (Med) DM (Neuro) Professor
  • Unit 3
    • Dr.Fazil Thaha (Neuro) Associate professor

The Department is fully equipped for the evaluation of all types of neurological problems and has a State of the art Dept of Neurophysiology, CT scan & MRI. It is today recognised as a tertiary level referral centre for neurology in Central Kerala and draws patients from the districts of Malappuram & Palakkad.The Neuro ICU has 10 dedicated beds and 6 beds in the semi ICU. Both are fully equipped with multipara monitors and ventilators. Low cost and high quality of care make the Neuro ICU a much sought after place in the public

  • Neurophysiology lab with facility for EEG, Nerve conduction Studies, repetitive nerve stimulation, SSEP, Visual evoked potentials, Brain stem Auditory evoked potentials’ Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials, Autonomic function tests ( sympathetic skin response, R-R variation), EMG and single fibre EMG. The lab does on an average about a 100 nerve conduction studies and 350 EEGs per month
  • Transcranial Doppler
  • Muscle biopsy
  • Nerve Biopsy
  • The CT lab does over 400 CTs of brain and the MRI about 300 MRIs of Brain every month.
Special Clinics
  • Epilepsy
  • Head ache
  • Stroke
  • Paediatric neurology clinic.
  • The CT lab does over 400 CTs of brain and the MRI about 300 MRIs of Brain every month.
  • The department is recognised for teaching by the DNB board which has sanctioned one DNB candidate per year
  • DM course in Neurology will be started from 2012
  • We have a very active academic programme for teaching undergraduates and post graduates in medicine and paediatrics
  • It is our endeavour not only to treat, but to educate, so as to bring the greatest good to the greatest number.
Associated Departments
  • Neurosurgery
    A fully fledged Department of Neurosurgery with two neurosurgeons gives a comprehensive and 24/7 cover for patients requiring surgery. It is fully equipped and operational. Capable of handling all elective, emergency & Trauma work.
  • Speech and Physiotherapy
    A well organised and structured physiotherapy programme is offered to patients with disabilities.
  • Psychiatry /Psychology
    This gives us the cover we need to evaluate and treat associated problems of neurology and to sort out the non organic ones.
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