Human physiology seeks to understand the mechanisms that work to keep the human body alive and functioning,[3] through scientific enquiry into the nature of mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of humans, their organs, and the cells of which they are composed. The principal level of focus of physiology is at the level of organs and organ systems.


In the year 2003 Prof. Dr. Venkitaswami established the department. Later Dr. Gopakumar Kartha and Dr. Indirakumari were heads of department successively. Present HOD, Dr. Biju Bahuleyan took charge on August 29th 2014.

  • Providing a comprehensive knowledge of normal functioning of human body.
  • Facilitate on the understanding of the physiological basis of health and disease.
  • To impart Hands on training in common haematological investigations.
  • To give training in basics of clinical examination in a normal subject.
  • To ignite a passion for research in medical students.
  • Departmental facilities

    Four Labs:-

  • Haematology
  • Amphibian
  • Mammalian
  • Clinical
  • Facilities in Research Lab
  • Student’s physiograph
  • P.C based spirometer
  • E.C.G
  • Hand grip dynamometer
  • Bicycle ergograph
  • Mosso’s ergograph
  • Other facilities
  • Department Library
  • Demonstration room
  • Academic activities
  • Organized state level C.M.E on cognition on 10/7/15
  • Faculties presented papers in National conference held in Chennai on 11/10/14
  • Ongoing research project works of UG & PG
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