1. Introduction : Tertiary Care Ophthalmic Centre

2. OP timing : 8 am to 1 pm


Jubilee Mission Hospital which was started about 7 decades back was having an Ophthalmic department for the last 40 years, which was managed by a single Ophthalmologist. The instituion was upgraded to a teaching department in 2003. At present the department is having three Senior Faculty members and eight residents. The department of Ophthalmology of JMMC is taking the patients care of three districts - Thrissur, Palaghat and Malapuram as a referal centre.

We are training 100 MBBS students and 10 Optometry students per year. The department is a recognised Post Graduate centre training 2 MS students under the Kerala University of Health Sciences.


The Vision is to give latest ophthalmic treatment to the patients at an affordable cost and develop the department to an excellent training centre.

Major Equipments
O.C.T ( CARL ZEISS) A Scan Keratometer
Fundus Camera (CARLZEISS) Operating microscope with T.V camera (CARLZEISS) Applantation tonometer
Autoperimeter (CARLZEISS) Phaco Machine (CARLZEISS) Synaptophore
Autoperimeter (Appa) Operating Microscope (Topcan) Schiotz tonometers - 7 Nos
Retinal Laser (CARLZEISS) Operating Microscope (Appa) Prism Bar
Yag-Laser (CARLZEISS) Slit lamps – 7 Nos +20 indirect ophthalmoscope lens
Slit lamp with displasty & Photography Indirect Ophthalmoscopes – 4 Nos Four Mirror laser lens
B Scan Direct Ophthalmoscope – 7 Nos Three mirror laser lens
Special Investigations
Field Testing - CARL ZEISS computerized Perimeter
Retinal Scaning - CARLZEISS O.C.T
Post: segment Scaning - B scan ultrasound
IOL power caculation - A scan ultra sound
Retinal Angiography - CARL ZEISS fundus camera
Squint Evaluation – Synaptophore
Retinal Examination – Indirect ophthalmoscope
Intra occur pressure Measurment – applanation + schiotz tonometers
Anterior Segment Examination – slit lamp with Display and slit lamps without display
A.C angle examination – Gonioscope
Non invassive Procedures
Yag Laser Capsulotomy – After Catract
Yag Laser Trabuloplasty – Glaucoma
Yag Laser Iridotomy - Glaucoma
Diode Laser - Retinal Diseases mainly diabetic Retinopathy
Surgical Works

All types of latest ophthalmic surgical works are taken up in the department.Mention a few- Phacoemulsification , anti Glaucoma surgery, corneal trasplantation, squint surgery, plastic repair, trauma care, retinal surgery etc......

Social Activities
  • Free eye camps where patients are examined free and selected for free surgery
  • Eye donation camps where the public is educated regarding eye donation.
  • Public awarence programmes regarding preventable blindness.
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